Day 11 – Aug 11

Aug 11, 2015 by

Day 11- Rest day… yippee!! Plenty of time to rest my aching knees.

Just to give a summary of first leg of journey (Collingwood to London) – have walked 219.35km or a calculated 296,123 steps over uneven stones on the road shoulder and on uphill, downhill and every hill in between.

Next leg of journey (London-Toronto) will be about the same distance and terrain.

Ending my walk yesterday my brother was there patiently waiting to drive me to his home. When we got in the car he handed me a note from one of his customers, a woman I don’t know. The note read “Ruth, best wishes to you as you make your way over many miles. Every step counts! Keep well.” Thank you Kathy.

This note once again reminds me of the kindness and generosity of spirit that abounds in this beautiful world of ours. It is truly humbling!

Have a wondrous day!

See you on the road!

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