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Update – Going Walkabout 2015

Posted by on Aug 31, 2015 in Blog | 0 comments

Update – Going Walkabout 2015

Dear All, back in London after recovering to some extent at my friends in Meaford.

I received this email just the other day. It strengthened my resolve to finish what I’ve started.

My husband, Ben, and I met you on day 3 of your walk. We were impressed by your dedication to the cause. I am sorry to hear that you had an injury. I hope that you will heal soon and will be able to continue the walk. As a retired oncology nurse, I know how important it is for someone fighting cancer to feel that he/she is not alone.
You are doing something positive, not only by raising funds, but by raising awareness that cancer can be beaten!
Good luck! Mary

No one should have to face cancer alone!!

Please share with your networks and make my goal of $50,000 a reality.
‪#‎Goingwalkabout2015‬ ‪#‎ConquerCancer‬ ‪#‎GildasClub‬

Aug 15

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Aug 15

Dear friends, I have decided to take a chance and begin to reorganize and re-arrange accommodation for my walk for #GildasClub to begin on September 1st.

I am sincerely hoping that my knees will be healed by then.

The walk will start in Hamilton and go to Toronto and then onto Barrie, so no one has to face cancer alone!

Here’s hoping people are still willing to take me in on the re-arranged dates!

And here’s to my knees healing and staying well throughout this second leg of my walk!!🙏

Please help me keep the momentum going by sharing with your networks.

Thanks so much for your continuing support.

Meet you on the road!

#Goingwalkabout2015 #ConquerCancer #GildasClub

Day 14 – Aug 14

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Day 14 – Aug 14

An amazing good morning to you!
Introducing you to my best friends at the moment!
Day 4 and still hobbling around like a newborn colt!
The good news is that this is one day closer to when I’ll complete my walk, so no one has to face cancer alone!😄👍
Please share with your networks to get the word …

I need al the help I can get to reach my fundraising goal.

The already travelled 250km is my guarantee that I will finish!

Day 13 – Aug 13

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Day 13 – Aug 13

Good evening from my apartment in London.

Well it’s official and not what I wanted to hear. My knee will take at least 2-4 weeks to heal.

You can imagine my initial disappointment!

However, my life’s work has been about transition and change – my own and helping others get from where they are to where they want to be. One of the things I urge people to consider is being flexible and fluid when attaining their goals. With that in mind I have come to understand and accept that this particular ‘walkabout’ of mind is changing its dynamic shape. In other words I will reach my 544km walk about target, but how I do that will look and feel different from my original plan.

So here’s plan B. First I will keep you posted on my journey to recovery with respect to my knee. Then I will find other ways to attain my 544km goal….so stY posted.

I am determined to accomplish what I set out to do, because no one should face cancer alone!!

Please keep sharing my posts with your networks…my goal is still $50,000!!

#Goingwalkabout2015 #ConquerCancer #GildasClub

Day 12 – Aug 12

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Day 12  – Aug 12

Good morning. 7.03 am on Day 12.

Knees feeling considerably better, but I’m going to have to be real gentle with them from this point on.

Starting out from London today and heading toward Woodstock area.

Weather, terrain and body willing aiming to wind up somewhere just shy of Zorra Station – what a great name.

Have a wondrous day, wherever your journey takes you today!

9.34 am – hard going this morning.

Right knee is certainly letting me know it’s hurting!

Overcast skies are a blessing, as it’s much easier to walk without the sun beating down on you.

Will make as much progress as I can today! I so want to finish what I started!!!

please support this walk by sharing with your networks, so that people can generously contribute to

#GildasClubs #Goingwalkabout2015 … So no one has to face cancer alone!!!

Day 11 – Aug 11

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Day 11 – Aug 11

Day 11- Rest day… yippee!! Plenty of time to rest my aching knees.

Just to give a summary of first leg of journey (Collingwood to London) – have walked 219.35km or a calculated 296,123 steps over uneven stones on the road shoulder and on uphill, downhill and every hill in between.

Next leg of journey (London-Toronto) will be about the same distance and terrain.

Ending my walk yesterday my brother was there patiently waiting to drive me to his home. When we got in the car he handed me a note from one of his customers, a woman I don’t know. The note read “Ruth, best wishes to you as you make your way over many miles. Every step counts! Keep well.” Thank you Kathy.

This note once again reminds me of the kindness and generosity of spirit that abounds in this beautiful world of ours. It is truly humbling!

Have a wondrous day!

See you on the road!

Day 10 – Aug 10

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Day 10 – Aug 10

Today is overcast and intermittent rain. Knee injury still plaguing me, but not giving in! Met 3 ladies walking back to their respective homes after dropping a truck off for a checkup. We exchanged pleasantries, I gave them some information about my walk and they walked on. About half an hour later I was passing a sideroad and heard my name being called. I liked a saw one of the women running towards me… She wanted to give me a $60 donation. I hugged her telling her she had made my day!! Miracles and generosity of spirit abounds… Sometimes in the most unlikely places.


Well…had to call it quits after about 20km today…. Really need to rest my knees. Am now in the living arms of my brother and sister-in-law in London…..Tomorrow is a day of rest and recovery…..preparing for second leg of my journey….. London to Toronto…. Bring it on!!!!!

Day 9 – Aug 9

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Day 9 – Aug 9

8.43 am – day 9 – 2.6 km.

Just had an interview for the Mitchell Times.. Hopefully word is spreading! Long day today. It’s promising to be quite hot. The good news is that my host Atty dropped most of my things off where I’ll be staying tonight, so my 17 kilo weight has been drastically reduced…yippee!! Well as the song goes I’d better get ‘on the road again’. Have an amazing day!

Day 8 – Aug 8

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Day 8 – Aug 8

Day 8 – 6km from Monkton. Passed this disused church and ‘faith’ house in the middle of nowhere… When I encounter things like this I always wonder what the story is behind it. Hmmm… will have to investigate later. Taking a break and the then trudging on another 8 or 9 km .. Hopefully before it begins to pour!

Day 7 – Aug 7

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Day 7 – Aug 7

Day 7 – done and dusted. Well I’m the dusted (read caked dirt) part anyway, now enjoying the gracious hospitality of Atty and Tony. I’m meeting the nicest people!! Off to find the liniment!